Introduction. Shaping the Horizon: Navigating RIs Future

Building upon the foundational insights presented in Section 1 of the Landscape Analysis, Section 2 goes deeper into the evolving dynamics of European Research Infrastructures (RIs). This section amplifies the dialogue on the transformative role of RIs in fostering scientific excellence, technological innovation, and societal impact. It further explores the intricate interplay between RIs and European Research and Innovation, underscoring the critical contributions of RIs in addressing global challenges through interdisciplinary collaborations and digital transformation.

This section highlights the pioneering trends that are shaping the future of research, from the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with the corresponding complements of quantum computing to the emphasis on sustainability and ethical responsibility. It also addresses the pressing challenges of sustainable funding, governance evolution, and the necessity for enhanced collaboration across domains. By presenting a comprehensive analysis of current states, future trends, and strategic recommendations, this section aims to guide stakeholders, policymakers, and the scientific community towards a robust, responsive, and innovative European RI ecosystem.